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How to Find the Best Nursing Schools in Colorado

November 17th, 2022

One of the fastest growing job markets in the 21st century is the health profession. The demand for nurses has grown considerably and is expected to continue for the foreseeable future in Colorado. For those who are considering this profession, there are over 20 certified, accredited nursing schools in Colorado. Each one can provide the solid educational base necessary to pass the important national exam required to become a Registered Nurse or RN. Attending one of the top nursing schools in Colorado can also lead to employment opportunities that feature high job satisfaction, good salary, and promising career growth potential.

The Steps for Attending Nursing Schools in Colorado

As in most states, becoming a RN all begins with a high school diploma or the GED equivalent. Having a good grade point average or GPA is important as well. The next step is passing the SAT or ACT entrance exam which is required for attending a college or university. Getting an exceptionally high score can lead to potential grants or scholarships that a student can use to help offset tuition costs.

The next thing you need to decide is what level of nursing education is right for you. If you are only looking to go to school for 1 to 2 years, the position of LPN or Licensed Practical Nurse is available. Of course, if you are looking for better employment opportunities and flexibility than you might look into a four year bachelors degree to become an RN or Registered Nurse. If you choose to pursue your bachelors degree, the first two years of schooling are focused on the basic courses. Subjects such as Biology, English, and Science are particularly helpful during this period. The next two years will focus specifically on classes and courses tied directly to the nursing field.

The Best Nursing Schools in Colorado

The three top nursing schools in Colorado, according to their national standing are the University of Colorado in Denver, the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and the University of Northern Colorado in Greely. While all three nursing schools enjoy a fine national reputation, the University of Colorado in Denver ranks particularly high and is considered one of the twenty best in the nation. For students willing to relocate to Denver, this represents a superb opportunity for those seeking the best nursing job opportunities after they graduate.